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Using the Search Page

You can use this box to enter a single keyword or several keywords to search on, avoid using punctuation marks as it may confuse the search.

Choosing one of the following options from the drop-down list at the end of the search by keywords box allows you to make your search more accurate.

AND - searches for records that contain all of the keywords that you entered anywhere in the text.
MATCHES - searches for records that contain the exact phrase as you entered it.
OR - searches for records that contain any of your keywords anywhere in the text.

The search will not include the notes field as this contains lots of text and may appear to bring up images seemingly unconnected with your search. However, if you wish to include this field in your search place a tick in the ‘ Search all text fields ' box.

Search by Place
This allows you to search for images of a particular town, village or place by selecting from a drop-down list. Large towns like Nottingham and Derby are listed by town first, then district e.g. Nottingham, Meadows or Derby, Littleover.

You can combine a keyword search with a ‘Search by Place' to look for certain keywords within a particular town or village. For example if you wanted to look for all the tram pictures you can type the word tram in the keywords search box and click search, this will bring up several thousand images. However you might want to see just the pictures of trams in Chesterfield so you can select Chesterfield from the drop-down list.

You also have the option to narrow your search to a particular local area i.e. Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham or Nottinghamshire. Click in the box that says Click here for area to select one of them from the list or leave it blank to search all the areas

Search by Map

Selecting this option allows you to search for pictures of towns and villages by clicking on them in a map. Click this button to see a map of all the districts in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, click on one of them to see a larger map with place names on it. Now click on a town name to look for all the pictures in that place. Please note that, due to limitations of space, not all places are shown.

More Search Options
There is a second page of search options which can be found by clicking on the 'More search Options' button.

Search by Subject
This allows you to search by using drop-down lists of categories, or subjects within particular towns or villages. For example if you wanted to find all the pictures of bridges in Bakewell select 'Buildings and Structures' from the main category then 'Bridges' from the sub-category. A message will then appear to let you know that it is about to build a list of places, click ok, wait a few seconds for the list to appear and then select Bakewell from the drop-down list. Now click search and all the pictures of bridges in Bakewell will be shown.

Search by Originator
Use these to search by the name of the person that produced the image, you can select from drop-down lists of Artists; Photographers; Engravers or Publishers.