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View of Beauvale Priory and Farm, off New Road, Moorgreen, c 1946

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:off New Road
:View of Beauvale Priory and Farm, off New Road, Moorgreen, c 1946
:c 1946
:Stevenson, F W
:F W Stevenson
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The Priory was founded in 1343 and is now mostly incorporated in farm buildings. It was a monastery of the Carthusian Order, owing allegiance to the Grand Prior of Chartreuse. They were the strictest of any of the religious orders, and the use of flesh meat was absolutely forbidden at all times, even to the sick. Each monk lived in his own separate dwelling, and none of them were allowed to go out of the bounds of the monastery except the priors and proctors, and they only to attend to the necessary affairs of the house. They were enjoined to study, and to work with their hands, their labour consisting in cultivating the fields and gardens, and in transcribing books. The buildings occupied a rectangular area, 470ft. from east to west, and 290ft. from north to south, surrounded by a wall, now only remaining on the east side. (information from, where a very detailed article about the Priory and its history is available).